Late Evening

In a late evening
Dark, But no so dark,
Out to the river, we walked
A strange river, to us
In strange fields, in a valley –
As strangers we strolled to the
Water, as sleeping falks do, in
Strange countries, who stroll
In an evening.
– & over the river, a mountain,
Alone, in the half dark,
A mass of dense darkness,
Of Blackness, & by it
A star – One Bright Star –
To the right of the mountain
& near to its top, very close
To it, one star alone – that
In light all the mass of the mountain
Held balanced; a memory
Shook us, that none of us had, but
All shared, & at once started
Talking, who all knew this picture;
This star & thus mountain, these
Masses & forces, these shapes &
Positions, this darkness & light –
In its infinite sum –
All we knew & remembered, who
Woke for a moment…..
…in the midst of a journey
We never begin.