Soup Song

There’s a mushroom on my eyelid
There’s a carrot down my back
I can see in the distance
A vast quantity of beans
To you I’m just a flavour
To make your soup taste nice
Oh my god here come the onions
And, I don’t believe it, at least a pound of rice

There was a time when bacon sandwiches
Were everyone’s favourite snack
I’m delicious when I’m crunchy
Even when I’m almost black
So why you make a soup with me
I just can’t understand
It seems so bloody tasteless
Not to mention underhand

Now there’s no hope of getting out of here
I can feel I’m going soft
Dirty waters soak my fibres
The whole saucepan’s getting hot
So I may as well resign myself
Make friends with a few peas
But I just, I can’t help hoping
a tummy ache will bring you to your knees

Bring you to your knees…