Dave Larder chats with Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge

Category: News

Dave Larder (of LAAMB) chats with Robert and Alfie. As Dave puts it:

This is not really an interview, it’s more of a chat mainly because (1) Robert can talk for hours and (2) I don’t claim to be any sort of interviewer.
Another discussion sees Robert and Alfie giving their own, individual interpretations of ‘Shleep’ and perhaps for the first time in a recorded conversation, Alfie voices her personal insight into “Just as you Are” and “Attic” whilst Robert explains the link to his dad in “You You”.

Towards the end of this chat, we briefly discuss the “local” Arts scene in Louth, and Robert’s support to both musicians and artists in the town.

Finally, I can say that for once, the interviewer was easily more struck by “stagefright” than the interviewee. I just hope this ‘raw’ insight provides another perspective to the “Duchess” and “Old Rottenhat” and their incredible journey together.